I use a variety of concepts based on developing your own voice on the instrument.

From working through scale and chord tone exercises to transcribing and analyzing the bass lines of the masters off of recordings so they can become a regular part of your vocabulary.

I also believe in improving ones reading skills (especially reading rhythms).

Reading helps in so many areas... Groove,time and phrasing.

-Brad Hallen

Now accepting new students in the Boston area

  • Instruments: Electric and Acoustic bass
  • Levels: beginning, intermediate and advanced.
  • Styles:  Blues, Rock and Jazz.
  • Rate: $70/hr (in home studio.

I will travel to a students home or studio for an additional cost to be determined by the distance traveled.

Brad uses an intuitive style of teaching that helps cultivate each student's unique style and voice.

One important technique is to listen to music with students in order to help them develop and apply certain concepts exemplified by the bass player on the recording.

He also likes to prepare students for auditions and help them learn to navigate not only the music end of playing bass but also the different situations  that come into play working with various artists.

See the music page and sample page for examples of Brad's work.

He has appeared on hundreds of released recordings and toured the world with many international artists.