Brad Hallen hails from Boston, MA, and is an accomplished Acoustic and Electric bassist.

He is thoroughly devoted to the art of music and to continual learning.

Brad currently plays with the Duke Robillard Band, appearing on five recordings with Duke as a leader, and several more records that he has produced and multiple world tours.

He was the bassist for the follwing list of CD albums. These are only highlights- check the Music Page for a more complete discography:

  • The Evenfall Quartet Blue Duchess Records 2016
  • Duke Robillard, Blues Full Circle, Stony Plain, 2016
  • Todd Sharpville Medication Time Alligator records 2016
  • Al Basile Mid Century Modern Sweet Spot Records 2016
  • Kabir, No More Excuses 2015 Uncle Trouble Music
  • The Knickerbocker All Stars, Go Back Home To The Blues 2015, JP Cadillac Records
  • Gerry Beaudoin; Trio Fragments 2015 Francesca Records
  • Al Basile, B'S Expression 2015 Sweetspot Records
  • Otis Clay; This Time For Real 2015 Vizztone Records
  • Duke Robillard, Calling All Blues Stony Plain, 2014
  • Al Basile; Woke up in Memphis 2014 Sweetspot Records
  • Billy Boy Arnold; Blues Soul Of Billy Boy Arnold 2014 Stony plain Records
  • Robin Banks; Modern Classic 2014 So Can Records
  • Ingrid Gerdes; High Priestess 2014
  • Duke Robillard, Independently Blue Stony Plain, 2013
  • Nuno Minelis, Angels and Clowns Shining Stone, 2013
  • Andy Poxon, Tomorrow Eller Soul, 2013
  • Sunny Crownover, Right Here Right Now 2012
  • Duke Robillard Jazz Trio, Wobble Walkin' Blue Duchess, 2012
  • Al Basile, At Home Next Door, 2012
  • Jesse Liam, Shining Stone, 2012
  • Joanne Mullins, This thing that I am, 2011
  • Kenny Wayne, An Old Rock on a Hard Roll Stony Plain, 2011
  • Steve Silver, Juke a Box Baby, 2011
  • Duke Robillard, Low Down and Tore Up, Stony Plain, 2011
  • Ingred Gerdes, Shed, 2010
  • Al Basile, The Goods, 2010
  • Racky Thomas Band, Hard Travlin' 2010
  • Duke Robillard, Passport to the Blues 2010