Geoff Abraham- Superball

Boston does the Beatles- Across the Universe

The Blues Soul of Billy Boy Arnold

Robin Banks- Modern Classic

Al Basile- Next Door

Al Basile- B's Expression

Al Basile- The Goods

Al Basile- Woke up in Memphis

Boston Blues Express- On Track

The Buddy System -No Time

Chrissy Coughlin- Look Ahead

Sunny Crownover- Right Here Right Now

Dixie Cinema- The Mechanics of Movement

The Duke Robillard Band- Low Down & Tore Up

The Duke Robillard Band- Calling All Blues

The Duke Robillard Band- Independently Blue

The Duke Robillard Jazz Trio-- Wobble Walkin'

Duke Robillard- Passport to the Blues

Elliot Easton- Change No Change

Jenny Eagan

The Evenfall Quartet

Ingrid Gerdes- High Priestess

Ingrid Gerdes- Shed

Tom Hambridge- Bang & Roll

Rick Harris- Degrees of Obsession

Shayne Holland- The Future is a Cartoon World

Shayne Holland- Unconditional

The Joneses- Black Cat Moan

The Joneses- Hard

The Joneses- Steppin Out

Justin/Malick- Sons Of The Jet Age

The Knickerboker Allstars - Go Back Home

Jesse Liam- So Much More

Jesse Liam- One Step Closer

Jesse Liam- This is Where I Am

Peter Malick- Wrong Side of My Life

Aimee Mann- I'm With Stupid

Nuno Mindelis- Angels & Clowns

Ministry- With Sympathy

Ministry- Twitch

Monster Mike Welch- Just Like It Is

Joanne Mullins- This Thing That I Am

Nini & Ben- Rise And Shine

The National Romance League- Triple Fantasy

Deb Pasternak- Demo

Deb Pasternak- Eleven

Pastiche- Arc

Pathos Gang- Hard & Lonely

Feel Thing

Andy Poxon- Tomorrow

Tom Hambridge- Balderdash

The Rocky Thomas Band- Hard Travlin'

The Repeat Defenders- The Best Defense

Mica Richards- Properties of Motion

American Rockateurs

Rock E. Rollins - Post Modern Adventures

Roomful of Blues- Standing Room Only

Roomful of Blues- That's Right

Kabir Sen- No More Excuses

Stevie Silver- Juke Box Baby

Soul Band- Certified

Todd Thibaud- Favorite Waste of Time

Kenny Wayne- An Old Rock On A Roll

Live at the W.C. Handy Awards

Jane Wiedlin

Johnny Winter- I'm a Blues Man